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Time of Flight Diffraction (ToFD) - Refresher eLearning Package
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Time of Flight Diffraction (ToFD) Course

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Time of Flight Diffraction (ToFD) - Refresher eLearning Package

For technicians who are already certified, but would benefit from a reminder of the fundamentals of ToFD, we are introducing a refresher eLearning package. This course is an excellent way to remind yourself of the underlying principles and skills required to conduct this type of inspection.

Refresher courses are available for 14 days consecutive access from the date of activation. During that time they can be completed entirely at your own pace, with the option to repeat any sections as needed.

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The Refresher eLearning Package is divided in three modules:

  •  Module 1: Self-evaluation Test

  •  Module 2: Theory

  •  Module 3: Exercises 

Price - £350 + VAT

When you have booked your online training, you will receive an email notification with your login details.

Module 1: Self-evaluation Test

  • 40-question test

  • Link to an explanatory video for each question

  • Grade obtained

Module 2: Theory

  • Instrument, digitizers, filters

  • Probes, frequency spectrum, signal waveform, pitch and catch

  • B-Scan, gray scale

  • Whisker effect, parabolic cursors

  • Non-parallel and parallel scans

  • Huygens’ principle, diffraction

  • Snell’s law, incident and refracted waves

  • RF signals, phase shift, averaging

  • PCS, depth calculation, position uncertainty

  • Beam spread, lateral wave, backwall, mode-converted backwall

  • Limitations, dead zones, accuracy, resolution

  • Indications, top-surface breaking, bottom-surface breaking, embedded

  • Geometrical indications, double-V welds, pipe misalignment, double thicknesses

  • Settings, filters, averaging, time window, sensitivity, scan resolution, PRF

  • Velocity calibration, lateral wave straightening

  • Analysis, signal start, grouping, point-like

  • Analysis, basic analysis, detailed analysis

  • Analysis, height and depth, length and position

Module 3: Interactive Exercises

  • Defect viewer, top-surface breaking, bottom-surface breaking, embedded

  • Set-up, beam index point calibration, velocity calibration

  • Scanning, wedge delay calibration, lateral wave straightening

  • Data analysis

So that your computer can run the Phased Array eLearning modules you will need the following basic systems:

Operating System
Windows Vista 7, 8 or 10

Internet Explorer 11 or higher (PC)

Silverlight Plug-in

You can get the Silverlight Plug-in using the following link:

Internet connection:
2 MBIT/s


To get an idea of what you can expect when you begin the course, and view some helpful tutorial videos , click the link below:

View the course taster

Please use the latest version of the browser Internet Explorer with Silverlight installed to view the tasters. Videos are best seen in full screen mode, exercises must be in full screen mode to work.