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eLearning Benefits

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eLearning Benefits

Saves time and money

With eLearning courses there are no travel costs and no accommodation costs. There can also be significantly less impact on your job with less time spent away from your place of work. This means you won’t lose money from time off, and your employer won’t lose your work hours. Less travel also means it’s a more environmentally friendly option as well.

Learn when and where you want

eLearning is available 24/7 and lets you study around your current work hours so there is no need for time off. You can study anywhere you like and be mobile if it suits, as long as you have a device capable of doing so.   

Study at your own pace

You set the pace, spending as much time as you like on the parts you find challenging and speeding through those that you find easy. Study in short sessions, or work your way through the whole day.

Track your progress

The eLearning platform will record all your work, which means you can track your progress as you go. You’ll have an effective way to monitor your progress and note your achievements, as well as being able to record those areas that need more work.

Blended learning improves knowledge retention

When eLearning is used in conjunction with classroom based study, it can improve knowledge retention as it appeals to a wider range of learning styles.