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CSWIP Senior Welding Inspector Online Course
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CSWIP Senior Welding Inspector Online Course

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The online material for the CSWIP Senior Welding Inspector course is detailed below covers the theory element of the course.

The material will be provided after you log on this site and a tutor will be assigned to help with any questions and to assess your homeworks. 

At the end of the package, those wishing to progress to examination, will complete a further 1 day refresher training followed by one day examination at one of TWI's Training Centres (provided that entry requirements are met). 

With the online learning material on this platform, you can work through the 23 sections of this online learning course at your own pace as you are given 60 days access with potential for extended access.  

You will be able to download the course notes, see and hear presentations, video, attempt course questions and work with an assigned tutor who will be there to support you along the way.

The course will be marked as complete once all of the sections have been completed and the homeworks have been passed, your tutor will advise of this. 

On completion, there will be a further requirement for you to attend a 1 day classroom refresher training followed by a 1 day examination for those qualifying. 

Prior to the examination, if that is required, you will be able to go back and revise the sections in preparation for your days refresher and examination, anytime during the 60 day period and this may be extended upon request.


UK Fee: £350.00 + VAT

To book, please email: trainexam@twitraining.com

Classroom and exam dates

Dates for the practical and exam element of this course can be found here: CSWIP Senior Welding Inspector Online - Practical and Exam ONLY.

The UK price will be £950.00 + VAT when your practical and exam dates are confirmed. 

The UK total combined price of £1300 + VAT gives a total saving of 20% against the in-class price. 

To book in the UK, please email: trainexam@twitraining.com

For other regions, please contact:

SOUTH EAST ASIA: inquiry@twisea.com 

MIDDLE EAST: enquiries@twime.com

CENTRAL ASIA: training@twi-turkey.com

MAINLAND EUROPE: salessupport@twitraining.com 

INDIA: enquiries@twiindia.com 

What happens next? 

When you have booked your online course, you will receive an email notification with your login details. A further email will be sent with the contact details for your assigned tutor. You will then have 60 days to complete your distance-learning course. 

The package consists of 23 sections:

1. Introduction

2. TWI Specification

3. Welded joint design

4. Welding symbols

5. Homework 1

6. Weldability

7. Videos fatigue and brittle

8. Weld fractures

9. Video NDT

10. NDT

11. NDT exercises

12. Homework 2

13. Destructive testing Video

14. Destructive testing

15. Residual stress and distortion

16. Heat treatments

17. Welding procedures

18. Weld repairs

19. Homework 3

20. Arc energy and heat input

21. Welding consumables

22. Homework 4

23. Mock Exam

In order to fully access the distance learning material, you will need the following minimum system requirements:

  • Latest version of your web browser of choice (if possible) will provide the best experience
  • Recommended internet speed: at least 0.5 Mbps 
  • Display resolution: minimum 1024x768

Ideal for use on desktops or tablets.