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IOSH Managing Safely
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IOSH Managing Safely eLearning

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Managing Safely is designed for managers and supervisors in any sector, and any organisation worldwide. 

This eLearning package gives you 6-month access to the eLearning materials.

Upon completing of the course and successfully passing the assessment, you will be awarded with IOSH Managing Safely Certificate.

Managing Safely is designed for managers and supervisors in any sector, and any organisation worldwide. This course will enable managers and supervisors to gain knowledge and tools to tackle the safety and health issues they are responsible for, resulting in:  

  • Greater productivity, from fewer hours lost due to sickness and accidents 
  • Improved company-wide safety awareness culture and appreciation of safety measures 
  • Active staff involvement to improve the workplace 
  • Enhanced reputation within the supply chain

After successfully completing the course you will be able to:  

  • Apply basic management principles and practices to safety and health issues as part of a total management strategy
  • Set achievable safety and health objectives and plan and implement courses of action to achieve those objectives
  • Recognise safety and health hazards present in the workplace
  • Carry out and record basic assessments of the risks associated with workplace hazards and recommend suitable control measures
  • Take account of risks arising from ergonomic factors
  • Ensure that adequate information, training and supervision are provided for employees
  • Investigate an accident or incident involving injury or damage to determine the causes and take appropriate actions  

This course covers seven main topics: 

  1. Introducing managing safely 
  2. Assessing risk 
  3. Risk control 
  4. Understanding responsibilities 
  5. Understanding hazards 
  6. Why incidents should be investigated 
  7. Measuring performance 

Final Assessment

The final assessment consists of 30 questions which should be completed in 45 minutes. The maximum possible score for this assessment is 60 marks. Candidates are required to reach a minimum of 36 marks to be successful. This equates to 60%. Candidates would be given two attempts to reach the required level. Should this not be achieved, candidates would be required to undertake the whole course again, before attempting final assessment. Workplace practical assessment

Candidates will undertake a workplace practical assessment, once they have been successful in the final assessment. This practical assessment should be completed within ten working days of the candidate being notified of successful completion of the final assessment. This assessment can be completed electronically or by hand and sent to TWI via email. You will be provided with guidance on how to complete this assessment and how it is marked. Candidates require a minimum of 23 marks to successfully complete this assessment.

Candidates will be provided with an IOSH risk rating calculator and action level table to assist them. Comprehensive instruction, guidance and an example of a practical assessment are provided after completion of the final assessment.

In order to fully access this eLearning course, you will need the following minimum system requirements: 

  • Latest version of your web browser of choice (if possible) will provide the best experience
  • Recommended internet speed: at least 0.5 Mbps 
  • Display resolution: minimum 1024x768 
  • Ideal for use on desktops, laptops or tablets