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What is eLearning, and how can it make my life easier?

What is eLearning, and how can it make my life easier?

30 November 2016
What is eLearning, and how can it make my life easier?

Finding time to fit training into a busy work schedule can sometimes seem impossible, but through eLearning with TWI you can avoid lengthy periods away from work and still achieve internationally recognised certification.

The TWI Virtual Academy, launched at the end of 2015, offers a range of eLearning options covering subjects including welding inspection and phased array ultrasonic testing, with more courses set to come online in the near future.

You can use TWI’s eLearning to prepare for a classroom-based course, refresh your knowledge, or even as a direct replacement for part of a course leading to globally respected certification. However you choose to increase your knowledge and skills with eLearning, the benefits are the same:

  • Minimise time and money spent on travel and accommodation
  • Study where and when you want, at a pace that is right for you
  • Complete assessments that measure your level of understanding
  • Track your progress and repeat individual sections of training as needed
  • Absorb information effectively through interactive exercises
  • Contact lecturers online for personalised support

As well as the above benefits to candidates, eLearning offers a number of advantages for employers seeking training for their personnel:

  • Less disruption to working patterns and time off the job
  • Reduced expenses for travel and accommodation
  • Confidence that staff are ready for practical training through support and progress monitoring by nominated TWI lecturer

With companies being expected to provide a more complete service in less time, and demand for highly skilled engineers and technicians higher than ever, eLearning is a convenient and cost-efficient training method for employers and personnel alike.

For more information, view the course demonstration videos or try one of our interactive course samples.

If you have any questions about eLearning with TWI, call us on 01223 899500 or email trainexam@twitraining.com.