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New ultrasonic testing courses from the TWI Virtual Academy

New ultrasonic testing courses from the TWI Virtual Academy

16 December 2016
New ultrasonic testing courses from the TWI Virtual Academy

TWI is launching a range of new blended learning non-destructive testing (NDT) courses, giving students more choice and opportunities for more flexible learning when they enrol.

Through its Virtual Academy, TWI will shortly launch a suite of new eLearning options for three popular courses: Time-of-Flight Diffraction (ToFD), Ultrasonic Testing of Welds Level 1 and Ultrasonic Testing of Welds Level 2.

The courses cover everything technicians need to know to be able to perform these widely used ultrasound-based methods of inspection. The new courses join TWI’s existing blended learning NDT course, Phased Array Ultrasonic Testing (PAUT) – Welds, which has been a popular option for students learning with TWI since its launch at the end of 2015 and is now being taken in countries around the world.

New ultrasonic testing courses from the TWI Virtual Academy

Opting to study one of these courses using blended learning means you will complete the first phase of the course – typically the first week of a two-week course – online. You will then attend a TWI training centre for the second week of the course, and to take any final exam.

Choosing the blended learning option leads to the same internationally recognised certification, in accordance with BS EN ISO 9712, as the classroom-only course – the difference is you get greater flexibility to fit your learning around your other commitments.

For more details of how our eLearning service works, read this introduction to the TWI Virtual Academy.

Options for every type of learner

We recognise that not everybody who works with ultrasonic testing requires a course leading to certification. To cater for the full mix of people who might want to learn about ultrasonic testing techniques, we are introducing online-only eLearning variants for all four of the ultrasonic NDT courses available through the TWI Virtual Academy.

Pre-course eLearning

If you are set to take a classroom-based course in ultrasonic testing with TWI, you can now ensure you are fully prepared using our pre-course eLearning packages. These entirely optional add-ons allow you to familiarise with all of the key concepts that will be covered in the classroom, giving yourself the best possible chance of learning everything you need to achieve certification. However, as a special launch offer and celebration of the first anniversary of TWI’s eLearning NDT products, this pre-course eLearning package will be included free of charge for a limited period only for all candidates attending ultrasonic courses.

This option is only available to students enrolling on full courses. Materials are made available 30 days before the course start date, giving you plenty of time to build your confidence before you enter the classroom.

Refresher courses

For technicians who are already certified, but would benefit from a reminder of the fundamentals of a particular test type, we are introducing ‘refresher’ eLearning packages. Available for PAUT, ToFD and Ultrasonic Testing of Welds levels 1 and 2, these courses are an excellent way to remind yourself of the underlying principles of a test type before you conduct an inspection or begin a contract that will make use of it.

Refresher courses are available for 14 days consecutive access from the date of activation. During that time they can be completed entirely at your own pace, with the option to repeat any sections as needed.

Appreciation courses

We are also introducing ‘appreciation’ courses. These are ideal for people whose work brings them into contact with ultrasonic testing but who do not necessarily conduct the testing themselves. This could be ultrasonic testing equipment vendors, auditors or supervisors – anyone who works indirectly with ultrasonic testing.

These courses also give you 14 days’ access to our eLearning materials. The training is delivered step by step, one section at a time, but free of any time pressure to complete the individual modules. Candidates completing the full package will be awarded a Certificate of Satisfactory Completion.

If you would like to find out more, please email trainexam@twitraining.com or call +44 (0)1223 899500.